Playing with your kids will instantly put a smile on your face. Not to mention being able to act like a kid for a little bit is always fun.

If your kids are anything like mine they love to be outside. If they could they would stay outside all day regardless of the weather. I wanted to see what parks in Grand Junction.

Living in the Grand Valley my whole life I have pretty much been to every park there is. These are the best ones to take your kids and have some fun.

Columbine Park

Columbine Park isn't huge, but it has a little bit of everything. While the kids are playing on the playground, go right over to the court and play some basketball. If you want to bring a frisbee and have some fun with the kids. There is plenty of room in the field for you and your kids to have some fun. During the summer feel free to watch some of the softball games going on.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is one of the oldest and greatest in Grand Junction. I remember coming here when I was a kid and the whole park was wood and the slides would burn your legs. But with the updates, they have made over the years this is easily one of the best. This park is meant to have fun in. Bring the whole family have a BBQ and let your kids run wild. They even have this cool little seat for the kids that looks like real wood!

Rocket Park

I remember when you use to be able to play on the rocket before the remodeled the whole thing. But this is still one of the best places that you can take your kids. Even though you can no longer play on the rocket it is still there. They have an awesome climbing wall that the kids will enjoy and even some adults. I use to take my kids to this park every weekend because all the little kids play here.

Canyon View Park

Canyon View Park I would have to say is the biggest park out of them all. This park has two different sides. One side is for the bigger kids to feel like ninja warriors. While the other side is meant for the really little kids. The coolest thing about this place has to be the zip line. Have your kids hold on tight while you give them a push. Anytime we come here both of my daughters will stand at this thing to have a chance to glide. If that isn't enough they have more field then they know what to do with. You will have hours of fun here and still want to go back tomorrow.

Long Family Memorial Park

Long Family Park is huge. So much field that you could have 5 football games going on at once. This park is perfect for family reunions. The park itself is crazy fun. My daughters and nephew turned the whole thing into a castle and all of the kids played along. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen at a park. If you want to play basketball they have a court there too. If your kids are feeling like daredevils they also have an amazing skatepark. Just be sure to have them wear protective gear.

These parks are the ones that my kids and I have gone to the most and have had the most fun at. What parks do you like to take your kids? Let us know!

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