As a mother of 5 children, I know what it's like to have to constantly nag your kids to "hurry up".

I feel like there is always at least one of them that is lagging behind.

Whether at the grocery store or hiking on the local trails, I feel like half my life has been spent counting kids to make sure they are all there, and gently grabbing an arm or a hand, or nudging a back to encourage my kids to keep up the pace.

Perhaps I'm going about this all wrong though...

After watching this video of a Mama Moose booking it across the wetlands of Estes Park with her baby, I'm beginning to rethink my methods.

This Moose Mama doesn't worry a bit about whether or not her baby is keeping up with her.

She simply bounds into the water and forges ahead, assuming that her baby is behind her and following right along.

And it is!

Though at a bit slower pace than its long-legged mom.

The Mama Moose pauses for a minute to make sure her calf is okay, and then there she goes, taking off again at full speed without glancing behind her to make sure her baby is coming along behind her.

And you know what?

Everything is just fine.

The Moose Calf keeps up to the best of its ability and gets exactly where it needs to be without a problem.

See what I mean?

I think next time I take all of my kids on a hike I'll pull a "Mama Moose" and just keep moving along, and assume they're keeping up.

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