A Honda Civic was involved in a serious car accident in Denver recently where it actually split in half, and everyone in the car has lived to tell about it.

According to Carscoops, the driver of the car, Renee Gutierrez-Martinez said they were t-boned by an older driver at the intersection of Jewell Avenue and Federal Blvd where the impact of the crash forced the car into a utility pole where it eventually split in half and came to rest on a nearby sidewalk.

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Footage taken after the crash shows that the car split just behind the rear doors. Thankfully, there were no passengers in the backseat otherwise, this story would have a much more tragic ending.

While that was a pretty fortunate circumstance, even MORE, fortunate was that the Civic did not hit the light pole in line with the front doors, otherwise, Martinez and his girlfriend who was in the vehicle with him would have been badly injured if not killed.

Miraculously, there were no serious injuries in either vehicle during this crash.

While luck played a role in this incident, another reason there were no serious injuries in this crash was the fact that everyone was wearing their seatbelts

They save lives and this is just a simple reminder to buckle up every time you get into a vehicle no matter how long or short of a drive you have.

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