Nicholi Rogtkin is known for his amazing ability to bike like no other. Fans are stretched from Utah to the Western Slope and all over the world...but Thursday, Nicholi suffered the most terrifying 30 ft crash, and it was all caught on cam.Nicholi Rogtkin was competing in the Red Bull Challenge on Thursday in Virgin Utah.  After flying out of the gate and having a pretty amazing breakout year. In fact, Nicholi ended up third in points at the FMB World Tour.

On Thursday, Nicholi suffered one of the scariest crashes in Rampage history. He survived. According to Redbull:

This is without a doubt one of the strongest people I have ever seen. He did not qualify for the final, however, he did earn tons of new fans and praise for being so strong, and proving that he could be a true competitor in big mountain riding competitions.