It would be nice to imagine there are no bike thieves in the Grand Valley, but that would just be a grand illusion.

We have great communities in the Grand Valley, but,  unfortunately, no matter how big or small the town, there are a few bad apples. One of those bad apples was in Fruita this morning trying to steal a bicycle.

According to a Facebook post from Downtown Fruita, an individual was caught this morning trying to steal a bike off the back of a truck and had partially cut through the cable before he was interrupted.  He was in the parking lot behind Suds and across from the Hot Tomato. Apparently, the guy got away, but the police came, made a report, and got a description of the would-be thief. Hopefully, he can be identified and apprehended.

It's no secret that biking is a big pastime in the Grand Valley and there are plenty of really nice bikes out there. And while we want to think that everybody is on the up and up and nobody wants to do harm to another person, that kind of thinking is only true in Mr. Rogers's neighborhood.

Recently, local authorities recovered hundreds of stolen items following several weeks of investigation. As of the middle of August, there had been nearly 200 bicycle thefts in the Grand Valley. That's nearly one every single day.

So, yes, while it's great to assume the best intentions and the good in people - when it comes to valuable property, the best strategy is probably to assume that someone out there wants your stuff. Don't let that frighten you, but, rather let that thinking make you more aware of the potential theft of your valuables.

It's impossible to prevent every possibility of theft, but we can make it more difficult for would-be thieves. For example, don't leave valuables in your car- seen or unseen. Don't leave your vehicle or your house unlocked. And when it comes to securing your bike, upgrade to a high-quality anti-theft bicycle lock. Sure, it may cost you $100 now, but the bike you save may be your own because someone out there wants your bike.

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