Two brave Colorado men have saved an alligator that was trapped under ice. They broke the ice and carried the gator out of the ice.

As temperatures drop here in Colorado, humans aren't the only ones feeling the effects. An alligator at the Colorado Gator Farm in Mosca got trapped underneath the ice and needed a hand. That's when experts Jason McDonald and Jay Young come in.

They worked together to spot the gator and began breaking and moving the ice. After reaching around and finally getting the alligator in a good position, Jason just picks it up.

Jason picks it up like he's carrying his dog or maybe his kid to bed. It's not Jason's first time picking up an alligator, he's been doing it for 12 years.

Thankfully they didn't have to move the gator too far. Jason passed the alligator to Jay who carries it to warmer water which is just a few steps away.

The Colorado Gator Farm rescues all kinds of animals like gators, pythons, lizards, and rattlesnakes. Most of their animals were pets that were illegally purchased and not taken care of.

I'm happy to see people taking the time to take care of these dinosaur-like animals. I'd love to visit all of the animals at the Colorado Gator Farm, especially Bruce (biggest gator in the West) and the albino gators.

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