A Colorado rancher has been having trouble lately with what he believes to be wolves attacking and killing his cows late at night.

Where in Colorado Are These Wolves Attacking Cows?

The Colorado rancher, Don Gittleson, owns a ranch just outside of Walden, Colorado, a small town located in Jackson County, west of Fort Collins near the Wyoming border:

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Here we see the area in which the wolves have been attacking and killing Gittleson's cattle located just northeast of the small town of Walden:

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Colorado Wolves Attacking Colorado Cows

Gittleson has been struggling lately as some of his cattle have been victims of what he believes to have been wolf attacks. He believes that wolves are responsible for killing at least one calf and injuring another so severely that it had to be euthanized.

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The calf was allegedly dragged through a fence by the wolf pack and once its mother realized what was happening, she went after the wolves to try to save it and was injured in the process, leading to Gittleson having no choice but to put her out of her misery when he found her the next morning.

The Wolves That Are Attacking the Colorado Cows

The wolf pack that is allegedly behind these attacks is said to be comprised of eight fully-grown wolves as well as a new litter of wolf cubs. In addition, this is not the first time that Gittleson's livestock has been attacked by these wild animals.

Prior Attacks by the Colorado Wolves

This is just the latest account of this wolf pack attacking Gittleson's cattle as he has said that back in December of 2021 and the following January he lost two pregnant cows as well as a calf to the wolves.

Interestingly, attempts to thwart wolf attacks have been put in place in the form of lights designed to discourage wolves from coming close as well as volunteers watching the property at night but it would seem that more must be done in order to save the rancher's cattle from future attacks.

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