Looking back at years gone by is always a fun way to spend time, so let's jump in that hot tub time machine you've been working on and crank it back to 1998.

This video celebrates the wonder that was 17 years ago. Still a year shy of being able to vote, 1998 was a magical time: "You've got mail" was the Internet's battle cry, Lindsay Lohan had yet to add "train wreck" to her resume, Steven Tyler was a spry 185 years old, Bill Clinton and his relationship with Monica Lewinsky was giving late night hosts about a decade's worth of ammunition and Ricky Martin -- oh, dear, Ricky Martin was a phenom. Live and learn, right?

We've got it all here for you, so if you'd forgotten '98 and thought you were up 'Dawson's Creek' without a paddle, think again. Enjoy and pray someone comes up with a classic "Y2K is the end of the world" retrospective sometime soon.

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