Remember Gak!? These former 90s kids review toys and other fun stuff they used to enjoy "back" in the 90's.

I would say kids these days have the best toys ever. They have a technology on their side and everything is bigger and "better" than before. After seeing this, I remembered why things used to be so much better!

We had video games in the 90s but they weren't good enough to keep us from playing outside. We had some cool toys like the ones shown here. Gak was definitely one of the best, but Bop It never got old. It got extremely frustrating, but I could sit there and play with it for hours!

I know that I am very biased when I say the 90's was the best generation. The toys, the tv, the music was all great! But what was your favorite toy growing up? Was it better than any of these?

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