The '90s are back and they sure as heck are better than the '10s.

Yes, the decade that gave us Friends, Baywatch, Spice Girls and Bill Clinton has returned with a vengeance and those of us who lived through couldn't be happier.

Quicker than an O.J. car chase through L.A. (which was actually pretty slow), Twitter chimed in with what made the decade so amazing. From Beverly Hills, 90210 and grunge to low gas prices and a pre-scandalous Bill Cosby, the Twittersphere takes us down memory lane to remind us why we long to re-live these 10 years all over again. Sure, your Internet is nothing more than a Geocities page and you'll be knocked offline  when the phone rings, but that's the price you pay for embracing the decade when your Blockbuster card was the most important thing in your wallet.

So, pop the Alanis Morissette CD out of your Discman, rip off a piece of Bubble Tape and turn off your pager. It's time to remember the '90s. Enjoy the ride.

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