My hair starting losing shape and volume, so it was time for another trip to see my girl. Grand Junction's #1 hairstylist hooked me up with an absolutely fabulous haircut and trending hairstyles. Come to find out, I've had a trending hairstyle for a few months now.

It'd been months since I'd seen Megan. My short hair desperately needed to be well, shorter. Once my hair starting touching my shoulders too much, I knew I needed Megan again.

Megan Holte was voted as 'Grand Junction's #1 Hairstylist' by you, so obviously i can trust her with these locks. She's filled me in on hair care secrets before and this time we talked about what's hot. Megan cut my hair even shorter than last time and filled me in on trending hairstyles, so I'll fill you in.


Lobs Are Out

Remember those long bobs people were getting last season? Well now they're either growing them out or cutting them shorter, Megan thinks that stars like Katy Perry and Kate Hudson are inspiration for that. I'm personally going for the chopping it off route -- not quite like Katy Perry though.

Natural For Summer

Pastels and grays are definitely going out according to Megan. People are going a lot more natural and a lot less rainbow hair. I get it, it's a lot of work.


Megan thinks balayage is here to stay, which is when your hair gets lighter toward the ends. She's seeing a lot less of the bleach blonde combined with black. Bayalage is relatively easy to maintain as it tends to look natural as it grows out.

Perms are Making a Comeback

Believe it or not perms are making a comeback. Megan says it's bigger and looser curls that are in style now. I've never heard of these but Megan is seeing a lot more Brazilian blowouts lately. Which makes your hair straighter, easier to blow out, but you're still able to wear it curly.

I'm loving the shorter hair as of lately. It feels refreshing because I had long hair for so, so long. Too long. I'm happy with my haircut and I'm happy to find out it's trending. What can I say, I guess I'm trendy.

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