After you nominated them and voted for them, we have our number one hairstylist. This is the best hairstylist in Grand junction, nominated and voted by you.

I always look forward to getting my haircut and having a good hairstylist is essential. And thanks to you, we've found the best of the best.

You nominated your hairstylists and continued to vote for them, narrowing it down to the top 20, then the top 10, and now -- the top of the top, it's the number one hairstylist around Grand Junction.

Number One

Congratulations to Shelana Wilsey, who has been deemed Grand Junction's number one hairstylist, according to you. Shelana Wilsey has her own salon in Grand Junction in Orchard Mesa called Shelana's Hair Creations.

Top Five

Here are the top five hairstylists in Grand Junction, according to you:

  1. Shelana Wilsey
  2. Sara Clark
  3. Rita Meryhew
  4. Mariah Jackson
  5. Crystal Murphy Ferguson

Congratulations to our number one hairstylist, the top five hairstylists, and every hairstylist who was nominated. We had a ton of nominations because we have a ton of talent in Grand Junction. Now time to get these curls of mine looking right.

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