It has been blazing hot in Grand Junction, and I have seen plenty of people trying to stay cool by drinking tons of water. I can tell you that without a doubt that I am not a huge water drinker. I get bored easily with the taste and would rather have anything but. That sparked a question, "What can one do when you are trying to keep plenty of fluids in your system but are completely tired of drinking water?"

I went on a search for answers, and I found a great list of items you can use to hydrate versus drinking water. According to here are top ways to stay Hydrated during this week of 100-degree temperatures!

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1. You can chow down on Watermelon! It is almost completely water! And Tasty!

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2. Cucumbers - Another great way to keep water in your system while enjoying a great snack! It will not weigh you down.

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3. Soup - Broth made with water can be a great way to get your body hydrated, while adding some veggies and vitamins into your system.

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4.Tea -  Since it is so hot outside, here is something you can do! Sun Tea! This can be great cold, and has many great benefits for your heart!

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5. Milk - This is something that I would have never thought of. But if you think about it, there is enough sodium in milk that it will keep you hydrated, just like a sports drink would.

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6. Celery - Not only a great source of your daily fiber, Celery is almost completely water, and very portable!

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7. Leafy Greens - Made of almost all water, taking the time to have a cool crisp salad can not only cool you down, but help you to replenish water in your system.