I remember being a little girl and hearing my mom say, “the diet starts tomorrow.” Us kids would laugh because we heard it every Sunday. Now, who’s laughing? She is. My sister and I are now saying, “the diet starts tomorrow.”

Last week I thought to myself that this has to change. Why do I want to be on a diet? That alone is awful. The first three letters in diet say die. That’s pretty much how I feel too!

So I’ve decided to take a new approach and advice from my new Grand Junction family.

Here’s the new plan:

Make a Pack

Numbers will be your key. Accountability is so important. When you have others that come alongside you and empower you will make a world of difference. It keeps you focused. A community is part of the reason the big weight loss companies succeed. When you do it alone you can give those excuses without being embarrassed, or anyone keeping you on track. When you make a pack, you feel more obligated to keep your word.

Seal it with a Clear Liquid

There’s no deal if the deal isn’t sealed with something “official.” In my pack, we were going to cut ourselves and seal it with blood, but none of us had a knife, nor did we want any kind of infection. Plus, I’m a big baby. We decided to seal our deal with a clear adult beverage. This is very important. When you’re at an event of some sort that clear drink will remind you of the seal you made with your pack. It’s hard when you’re with friends and everyone is having a drink. Holidays are coming, Broncos, weddings, work parties, and whatever else may happen. Clear liquids are safe, fewer calories, less is best. Cheers.

Eliminate Fat Foods

Happy hour can be tricky; fried food, beers, and fattening dip. Best bet, eat before you go. If that isn’t an option, remind yourself that you want that body you had long ago. Our pack decided to put a picture of our best self on our phones, refrigerators, in the freezer when we go grab the ice-cream. We felt this would remind us to stay the course as well.

Set A Date

When you have a goal … write it down. Post it on your mirror, set an alarm on your phone that gives you countdown to your goal date. Tell your pack your date. That goes back to having accountability. When you write it down and keep that date you have a better chance of being successful.

Actually, Do It

This means, do what you can. Move that body and exercise. No excuses. We are in this together, but you cannot give up. Goals can’t be achieved without doing what you said you’d do. Look at that dream picture of yourself, put that dance music on, sing, be happy, and be positive. Your attitude will make you want to do it. Do what you say and say what you mean.

You got this.




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