Say the word gang and people automatically think of a group of people involved in all kinds of illegal activities. Grand Junction's GANG is something completely different.

GANG is actually an acronym for Giving Adolescents New Goals. GANG is a local non-profit  organization that helps youth in several different ways.

According to the organization and a City of Grand Junction Third Program Year Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER), this GANG works with low-income children by offering help with homework and tutoring.

They also provide assistance that allows kids in the GANG to attend art and sports camps.

This incredible organization, unknown to most people, works quietly to provide assistance where it's needed most by ensuring low-income children have an opportunity to succeed both educationally and physically.

A fundraising activity the group is doing called 'Hauling to Help Kids,' offers small to medium size load hauling.

People who are doing their spring cleaning and getting the yard ready for the season and don't have a way to haul things off (or just don't want to) can pay GANG to do the job and know they're helping kids in the process.

To arrange to haul or to learn more about GANG activities in the Grand Valley call 970-250-2744 or email