If you own a pet, I think we can agree that we all do these things. Whether it's too much affection or too many toys, here are eight things that all pet owners do in Grand Junction.

  • 1

    Too Many Toys

    Whether you get them from Safeway, a local pet store, or wherever in Grand Junction, your pet has too many toys. As a pet owner, you just can't help it.

  • 2

    Countless Nicknames

    I literally can't count how many nicknames my cat, Jax, has. (Jackson, Chavo, Inigo Montoya, Jaxy, my son, my baby, etc.) Nicknames are a sign of endearment though so it's a good thing for us pet owners.

  • 3

    No Food Shortages Happening

    My cat definitely doesn't have an issue with a lack of food, I'd probably say the opposite. I love him so much I just want to make sure he's not hungry. (And if you've got a fur baby, then we can both agree he deserve the treats.)

  • 4

    No Shortages on Affection Either

    It's hard not to show affection to your fur child, aka your pet. They're who you spend the majority of your time with and rightfully so, they get your love and affection too. I wonder how many hours we've spent petting our pets.

  • 5

    Forgiveness is Fast

    It's pretty much inevitable that your pet will upset your in some way, shape or form. They'll definitely destroy something and you definitely be upset about it. But when you're a pet owner, you forgive very quickly.

  • 6

    Come Home Early

    There have been plenty of times that I'll leave somewhere early to go hang out with my pet because I miss him. As a pet owner it'd be weird if you didn't miss them.

  • 7

    Take Them With You

    You can't always take your pet everywhere but when you can, it's always nice to take your best friend with you. There are plenty of restaurants and hikes to take your pets on.

  • 8

    Take Pictures, Lots of Pictures

    The majority of my pictures on my phone are of my cat. He looks cute when he's sleeping, eating, playing and while he's just, doing his cat thing. I think all pet owners agree that they're just too cute to not take a picture.

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