I posted a picture of my kitten on our Facebook asked to see other people's pets too! The response I got was heartwarming, Grand Junction definitely loves their pets.

Alicia Selin, Townsquare Media

Since moving to Grand Junction, I've noticed it's a very pet-friendly place. I see lots of people walking and riding around with their dogs, lots of cats sauntering around and in windows. Every time I go to Roice-Hurst Humane Society, the number of people there amazes me. Grand Junction really seems to love their pets!  Above is the post I posted to our Facebook.

Corie Nellson via Mix 104.3 Facebook

The response I got made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So many people commented with pictures and such loving things to say about their pets. You can tell how much this kitty missed their mama.

Kay Rodriquez via Mix 104.3 Facebook

This cat has quite the name, Cleatus Rufus Muguffery, and is out cold -- tongue out and everything.

Sarah Stacy via Mix 104.3 Facebook

Here's what I had to say about her.  Laya - 64, loves the outdoors, doesn't believe in shoes, only eats organic.

Destiny Covault via Mix 104.3 Facebook

Gizmo & Stitch are the best of friends. I think my Jaxy boy needs a friend like this. I love pit bulls, they're the biggest babies ever.

Neals Fins Alexander via 95 Rock Facebook

Seems like they both make each other pretty happy. That's what I love about pets, they're always happy to see and always give you love and good energy. I think people need their furbabies just as much as they need us.