"Dogs are man's best friend." is a common saying.

But, according to this article, it's actually women who have a closer bond with dogs.

Anthropological research is showing that women are responsible for dogs moving from working animals that reside outside and are regarded as a "tool" to pets that live in homes.

This led to women generally having a stronger bond with dogs than men.

It does make sense when you think about it.

Historically women spent more time inside the home than men who usually worked outside the home.

Women would also generally be gentler and more likely to treat dogs with kindness...like bringing them inside during colder weather and showing them affection as they worked within the home.

The question is, do dogs STILL in this modern-day tend to have a stronger bond with women than they do men?

I've often heard stories about dogs that don't like men, but I can't think of hearing of a dog that had an aversion to women.

And I know in our home I am definitely the one that is likely to baby our animals, indulge them in their little behavior quirks, and sneak them treats.

That being said my husband's dog, Zip the Wonder Dog, is definitely HIS dog.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think dogs still prefer women to men...and that it's because they know we're the ones that made them part of the family?

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