It's easy to see how Grand Junction has an assortment of weird items in their purse, who doesn't? These are the weirdest items in Grand Junction's purse.

After finding a few weird things in my purse, like floss, a bead from a bracelet and even a ticket stub from a castle in Germany, I wanted to see what you had in yours. So I asked you on Facebook and here are the weirdest items in Grand Junction's purse.

Chalk for a pool cue was one of the first comments on our Facebook and it is indeed weird. Sound like it would be messy to have in your purse too.

The next one wasn't even put in the purse by its owner. It came a surprise to Ann and to me too. I don't think that rawhide chewie would be a good snack to pull out of your purse at the office.

This next weird item is something she can totally blame on work. Why else would anyone have a catheter in their purse? It's obviously not in there for fun.

Additional weird items in Grand Junction's purse include marshmallows, a hair straightener and weed. I don't think having weed in your purse is weird, that's just Colorado living for ya. I'd have to say the absolute weirdest item I have in my purse right now, is a ring sizer.

I bought it for my boyfriend so I can pop the question. Just kidding. I bet you don't have a ring sizer in your purse, but I'm sure there's something else weird in there.

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