Anything from where "The Shining" was filmed to alien platforms, Colorado's got it all. Here are four weird landmarks in Colorado that you should definitely check out.


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    Stanley Hotel

    This is the hotel where Stephen King got his inspiration for "The Shining" and is included in the movie. This hotel is in Estes Park and is featured in the show "Ghost Hunters" as well. Guests have claimed to see the piano playing itself, apparitions of people, and noises of children playing. 138 rooms on 38 acres leave a lot of space for some weird stuff to happen.

    Source: Atlas Obscura

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    Cripple Creek Jail Museum

    Take a trip back to the Wild West to the gold rush town of Cripple Creek. The population of this town grew from 15 to 50,000, which means the jailbirds did too.  You can even see police logs from the 1890s.

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    UFO Watchtower

    This the alleged first ever UFO Watchtower in Del Norte, Colo. Camping reservations can be made and a museum is on the way. Guests are encouraged to bring cameras to capture orbs and other sightings.

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    Swetsville Zoo

    This zoo has no animals - just art. All the animals here were built from salvaged parts from all types of vehicles and metal. Dinosaurs and a metal band, literally, can be seen at Swetsville Zoo in Fort Collins, Colo.