The Grand Junction genie will grant one wish and one wish only. This is what Grand Junction is wishing for. (Disclaimer: the Grand Junction genie is a fictional character that I wish was real, but unfortunately, is not.)

We asked you that on our Facebook and this is what Grand Junction is wishing for:

Whenever I was thinking of what I'd wish for, these were some of the first things that came to mind. That and being able to teleport.

I really love this answer. It's not a 'I wish for $1 billion' because it's not about being rich, just not having the stress of worrying about money.

I love the first wish but the second one, not so much. I wouldn't want to live forever and I don't think anyone should.

This is a great wish and if it were granted, I'm sure James would keep it in his family to pass it along for generations to come. I know I would.

A hard pass on the dishes and a big yes to the infinite wishes.

Imagine putting your hand in your left pocket and pulling out a $100 every single time. Invisibility would be cool but I think I'll go for teleportation instead.

Here's another great answer that shows forward thinking and also avoiding answering the question.

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