Tomorrow (March 24) is my birthday and I'm feeling fabulous about it. Both fun and sensible, this is my 26th birthday wishlist.

I'm very excited to be turning 26, I feel like 25 taught me a lot. I got this job in Grand Junction and moved away from everything I know. I learned who and what is truly important to me. I learned it's important to push yourself and step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. I learned that love knows no distance.

My love and trust in my boyfriend has only increased in the past year. Moving across the country and being 100% reliant on each with do that to your relationship. These are a few things I want for my 26th birthday.

  • 1

    More Adventures

    I'm taking a trip with my boyfriend to Central City for my birthday. But we haven't went on adventure together in a long time. He's my favorite person to go on adventures with. For my 26th birthday, I'd like more fun trips to adventure new places together.

  • 2

    A Dog

    I've added my cat, Jax, to the family when I was 25. Perhaps turning 26 could bring a dog with it. I love pitbulls, but any kind of pup will do.

  • 3

    Pay Off Credit Card

    All of the things I want for my 26th birthday aren't all fun and furry. Moving across the country, which I did over the Summer, is pretty expensive. I would love someone to pay off my credit card for my birthday. Have fun with that -- and also thank you.

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