We know there are a lot of bad out of state drivers here in Colorado, but there's bad in state ones too. These are the five worst Colorado drivers, by their specialty plates.

Broncos Plate

This driver is the most aggressive of them all. They're not afraid to cut you off, cuss you out or speed behind you, beside you and in front of you.

Respect Life

The person with this license plate is someone who always uses turn signals.  They're courteous and drive way too slow and ironically, risk your life by driving.

Pioneer Plate

Whoever is driving a car with the Pioneer plate, is definitely over the age of 85. They recall the time we used horses and buggies instead of cars -- and their driving shows it. They probably shouldn't be driving at all.

Ski Country USA Plate

Drivers with this plate, drive like they're skiing. This driver enjoys the sport of driving really fast, cutting you off and weaving in and out of traffic. Maybe they should carve less and brake more.

Animal Shelter

Hey I love animal shelter pets, I got my kitten from one! I love my cat, but I don't let him interfere with my driving. Pets are passengers and you wouldn't let your passenger do something to make you crash, right?

Source: K99 and Zane Matthews

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