Big Mac? Try big mistake.

A man in Britain has lost his license for 20 months after he was caught on camera dragging a man in a wheelchair to a McDonald's in the worst late night food run in recent memory. The incident took place in January.

Michael Ward, 20, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving. The man in the wheelchair has been identified as William MacPherson. He was fined after he copped to holding on to the car during the trip, so while you may feel badly for him, it sure sounds like he, ahem, went along for the ride.

"Ward and MacPherson acted selfishly that night," said one official involved in the case. "They paid no regard to the safety of other road users or pedestrians and chose to act in a dangerous manner. I hope the sentence that has been handed to them teaches a lesson to both them, and others, that reckless behavior will not be tolerated on our roads."

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