We are down to three ladies tonight on the "Bachelor," so who do think Sean will choose we have your breakdown of each girl!

This season of the Bachelor has been mostly about 'Crazy Terri-able' and I really did not have a chance to fall in love with any of the ladies unitl she left the show!

Once we were down to the hometown dates I could really see some of the connection with the ladies. Sadly Desiree left but I think she was just to young for him and that showed when she always had to have reuassrance of his feelings for her. I'm happy with the top three ladies, but I also have consern about them all!

Ashlee - She is very controlling and he even said that on the Sean-tells-all show. Plus, I think she is really needy!

Catherine - I get a vibe that she is really up and down! Her sisters even called her out to show how she can be one way and then switch! Yilkes! But Sean really seems to be relaxed around her!

Lindsay - She really wants to get married and start a family, the girl wore a wedding dress on the first epiosde! But, she really llikes Sean and she is the sweetest person, I think she should win!

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