Last night the final rose was handed out on this season of the Bachelor and I'm happy who ended up with the final rose.

All season long we watched Sean Lowe aka Mr. Mc Steamy find the love of his life and I was a little worried during the show but in the end his perfect match was the one girl that truly has a heart of gold and love for him -- Catherine.

Catherine won Sean's heart, it was very clear that both are truly in love! So much that I bet the wedding will be this fall and of course ABC will air the wedding!

I do feel bad for Lindsay, her goodbye was pretty tough and Sean really built it up and then the long pause and she knew she was not the one! The best was she took off her high heel shoes and walked away! I think that she will be on the "Bachelor Pad" this summer!

And just incase you missed the other big news, Sean Lowe will be on this years "Danacing with the Stars"!

We still get to see him with his shirt off -- I hope!

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