Get ready, Bachelor Nation.

ABC's infamous reality dating show is back on Monday, January 6, and Pilot Pete is ready to look for love.

But before we dive into Season 24, let's review everything we need to know about this next installment.

The Bachelor: Peter Weber, 28 - commercial pilot for Delta Air Lines

We've all known that Peter was something special from the moment he walked out of the limo in his pilot's uniform. He made it to the final four on Season 15 of The Bachelorette, famously getting it on with leading lady Hannah Brown four times in an actual windmill. Hannah tearfully sent him home in the second-to-last episode.

Despite his past relationship, Weber said he already has "instant chemistry and connection" with his new set of ladies.

The Surprise Return: Hannah Brown

Peter can't move from his past too quickly though. One of the girls to come out of the limo on night one is, surprise...his ex Hannah Brown. Weber insists he didn't know Hannah was going to be there, and that his reaction to her was very real. Maybe you didn't, Pete. But Chris Harrison sure did. No word yet on whether this goes anywhere (I'm betting it doesn't).

The Villain: Hannah Ann Sluss

The Bachelor wouldn't be the same without a season villain. According to a sneak peak video from next week's episode, the evil one is going to be yet another Hannah. The clip shows Sluss stealing Peter away from the other girls even though she's already. had. time. Gasp. The girls are obviously angry. Her response? "I'm not here to sit on a couch and drink wine. I'm here to pursue my...future husband." Yikes.

Check out the preview here on Entertainment Weekly.

You are now ready to throw on some sweatpants, crack open a bottle of wine, and scream at the television while you watch Peter attempt to find fame love.

Check back next week for your Bachelor recap.


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