Tonight (September 10th) is the Junior Service League of Grand Junction's first meeting of the year and we are going all 80s in this rad group of ladies! The theme is year is "Rock from the the 80's"! Hence my 80's attire and nostalgic remembrances.

When I hear the music of the 80s I get tossed back to elementary school in Oklahoma! Just a few bars of  "Like a Virgin" instantly transports me back to the time and place I was growing up when that song was big.

In 1984 my "Cabbage Patch Kids" were my playmates and watching Punky Brewster together was so rad! I so wanted to be Punky Brewster because of here tubular style of mismatched sneakers, colorful bandanas, a rainbow colored bedroom, and pig tails!

I use to tease my other brother telling him that he was named after Punky Brewster's dog "Brandon"

If you were lucky, one of your friends had HBO and if you were really lucky you could watch Fraggle Rock.

What do you remember about the 80s? Aqua Net, dressing like Madonna or big bangs?

Hopefully you're not an airhead and remember these bad to the bone TV show theme songs.

Watch the "Punky Brewster" Theme Song

Watch the "Fraggile Rock" Theme Song


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