Take a hike into Dominguez Canyon near Grand Junction by watching this video. Cross the Gunnison River and hike past adorable furry creatures by watching this.

I've heard of the beauty at Dominguez Canyon and I thought to myself, this is the weekend. After driving about thirty minutes from Grand Junction you come across the Dominguez Canyon trailhead.

Railroad Tracks to Perspective

I embarked on my journey into this beautiful canyon in Western Colorado and was excited for what's ahead. I hiked beside the railroad tracks for a while, seeing lots of beautiful stones and pieces of railroad tracks along the way.

To cross the Gunnison River, I went over this big wooden and metal bridge. What seems like a big bridge, was extremely small in comparison to the roaring Gunnison River and the enormous canyon.

Furry Creatures Leave an Imprint

Much to my surprise, I came across a furry creature as I continued hiking through Dominguez Canyon. This adorable furry creature was leading a pack of horses (and people) -- the creature was a dog. The dog came close to check me out and then continued leading his pack back toward the bridge I recently crossed.

This wasn't the only reminder that I wasn't alone while hiking. Before heading back I saw a few paw prints in the mud that caught my eye. These pawprints weren't from the dog, horses or people I saw earlier -- they were from a mountain lion.

Seeing those mountain lion pawprints really reminds you of whose house you're in and to always be aware and respectful of that.

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