Man, is this guy annoying.

Jake Paul, 20, is a social media star -- make that social media all-star -- with 8.5 million followers across YouTube and Instagram. And he apparently thinks that gives him license to act like a complete putz and take the crown for world's worst neighbor.

Paul has rankled many feathers in the Los Angeles neighborhood where he's renting a house with his behavior, which is anything but neighborly.

His stunts, whether it's setting things on fire or listing his address for fans to come and visit, have caused a lot of agita for his neighbors. KTLA did a story on how Paul isn't the best neighbor and his childish behavior makes you really feel for the other people on the block.

Just watch and try not to clench your teeth as Paul goes from irritating to buffoon in less time than it takes to dab.

They say everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. Let's hope he's enjoying his because no one else appears to be.

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