Who knew that being social could make you less able to complete tasks? It is a very good possibility that your kids are already effected by social media.

This month is Smartphone-Internet awareness month. Mesa County Crime Stoppers is spreading the word regarding how the internet and social media can effect you and your kids.

Being social is a amazing thing, and the technology behind it is pretty cool. However if you have kids who have smartphones and or use the internet a ton. There could be a few reasons why they seem to be changing right in front of your eyes.

With any type of technology there is always a risk that comes along with it. From sexting, to cyberbullying, texting while driving, or even losing yourself on your phone or internet, and not realizing how much time you have actually been using this technology. These are things we all should be aware of. The ability for kids to complete thoughts and multi-task can also be compromised.

According to Mesa County Crime Stoppers the best thing you can do is talk to your kids about the internet, about their smartphones, and how to be safe. Protecting private information and to make sure that you kids know that if they ever feel uncomfortable with anything, that they can come to you, will make a world of difference.




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