I'm used to dodging dog and horse droppings on the Riverfront Trail and now I have something else to worry about.

So, maybe worry is the wrong word. I'm not worried about a snake on the trail, but what I'm concerned about is stepping on the snake - which is what almost happened.

Running With Snakes

I was doing my regular run on the Riverfront Trail the other day when I ran across this small snake lying on the trail, just chilling in the sun. Often times when I'm running, I'm listening to music or sports and looking at the scenery around me and not really paying attention to where I'm going. I have learned, however, to be a little more alert on the trail and be on the lookout for stuff I don't want to step in.

So, I'm running down the trail without a care in the world, the wind in my face, the river slowly rushing by -when suddenly I look down to find something lying in the middle of the trail. At the last second, I was able to change the placement of my foot and avoid making contact. I stopped to take a closer look to see what it was. Sure enough, a small snake enjoying the trail.

Zane Mathews
Zane Mathews
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What Kind of Snake Is It?

I identify snakes about as well as I do birds. If it has wings, a beak, and flies, it's a bird. If it's skinny and slithers on the ground, it's a snake - and that's all I need to know. Personally, I don't like snakes at all. To quote Indiana Jones, "I hate snakes!" But, as long as they just do their thing and don't bother me, I'm fine with them.

In this case, the little snake wasn't hurting anything so, of course, I just continued on my way. I'm pretty sure this guy was harmless, but I didn't stick my finger down there to find out.  Actually, it was kind of nice having a little company on the trail for a change of pace. Maybe our paths will cross again, but I certainly don't want to be stepping on any kind of snake, so I will be watching my step a little more closely from now on.

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