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This is the type of story that would make me want to burn down my whole house. FOX 59 is reporting that a woman in Aurora, Colorado says her apartment was invaded by dozens of snakes after the apartment complex was working on building renovations.

Charlotte Moore lives in the Fitzsimmons Junction Apartments and says ever since the balconies were moved in the complex on June 2nd there have been snakes getting into her home. She first started noticing a foul smell she then started seeing snakes.

After noticing at least 25 snakes appear under furniture and around baseboards she has lost hours of sleep, which is totally understandable as she has always disliked snakes, to begin with.

Moore was quoted as saying, "To me, the snake is Satan and I don't deal with him. You feel me?"

At this point, she is going to try to be released from the lease agreement she signed so she can move her and her disabled son into something without snakes.

The complex management team is explaining that a hole was found and has since been repaired. They have also worked with a local pest control company who says the snake problem has been resolved. Ms. Moore was offered another apartment within the property to move into and she declined. She has remained in her current unit throughout the situation.

It will be interesting to see how this develops because as most of us know it is difficult to break a lease with an apartment company. But it seems like in this case Ms. Moore might have enough for the company to release her from the agreement. Only time will tell, but I can promise you I would never move into that complex after hearing about this.

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