Colorado State Patrol is reminding you what those white lines in a parking lot really mean. CSP says respect lines by parking inside of them.

CSP demonstrates how those white lines you see in parking lots, actually mean something. A trooper shows how the white lines designate the area as a parking spot, by sitting in the parking spot within the white lines.

The Colorado State Trooper in the video below goes on to say:

If any part of your vehicle extends beyond these lines that's a very good reason to back up and try again. Respect the lines, the lines are our friends.

Sometimes I'm amazed by the parking jobs I see. I don't know how you could leave your car parked in anywhere from 2-4 spaces, because I couldn't.

I repark my car if I come anywhere close to those white lines. I like to be respectful of my space and also other people's space. But mostly I don't want other people hitting my car.

Next time you park, remember to have some respect for those parking lot lines. Treat them like your best friend, because you definitely wouldn't run over your best friend.

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