We wanted you to score big for Mother's Day, so we did our Mix 104.3 Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt was on the Mix 104.3 app. Hannah Giauque is the winner of our Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt, who has two kids and is pregnant with twins.

I'm pretty sure that winning over $1,500 worth of prizes will help with the stress of having four children. Hannah did the Mix 104.3 Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt with her friend and their child, so it was a play date for the kids and for mamas too.

Hannah plans to have her wedding band fixed using her prizes she scored in the scavenger hunt. She's married with two kids and is also pregnant with twins. Her due date is at the end of July/early August.

She's a bit overwhelmed but very excited to have her twins. And is also looking forward to seeing her toes and seeing her daughter meet her new brother and sister.

We're very excited for Hannah, we love that we could make her smile and hopefully make her pregnancy a little more relaxing. (Time to use that massage certificate, Hannah and time for you to download the Mix 104.3 app.)

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