I wanted to know what my buddy Mya is doing for Mother's Day so she came into the studio and told me all about it. This is what Mya the 7-year-old is doing for Mother's Day in Grand Junction.

Mya is my coworker's daughter who I very fortunately get to hang out with from time to time. I love when Mya comes in because she always has tons of energy (which I wish I had) and always puts a smile on my face.

She's an amazing kid with amazing mom so I was sure she had something good up her sleeve for Mother's Day. Mya said she's got 'some stuff planned out with her dad' for her mom. Wow, looks like she's got it more figured out than the most of us.

Mya is going to start off her Mother's Day by making her mom breakfast in bed with her dad. Then they're going to clean up the house, which is perfect, because who wouldn't want that?

Mya also has a surrpise that she's been working on at school. It's a top secret Mother's Day project so we had to keep it top secret. Mya didn't want her mom seeing or hearing her surprise before Mother's Day. I'm also a huge fan of surprises so I'm right there with you Mya.

As if spending time with my little buddy wasn't cool enough, she even gave me something too. Swipe the Instagram post about to see what Mya made for me, which I now have hanging in my office.

Thank you Mya, your Mother's Day plans sound like they're going to make your mom very happy. And based on how hard Mya's mom works and how great of a mom she is, she totally deserves the best Mother's Day.

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