Mama deserves all of the pampering this Mother's Day. We've got a Mother's Day scavenger hunt for one mom to hit the Mother's Day jackpot. Winning over $1500 in prizes is the Mix 104.3 Mother's Day jackpot and here's how you win it.

First, download the Mix 104.3 mobile app. If you already have it, then you're ahead of the game. Make sure you've got the latest version though. (Those updates do actually come in handy.)

Second, find the "Mom's Day Hunt" icon at the top of the app and click 'join now.' Once you enter your information, it's all about having fun and winning big.

Lastly, it's time to win you some major prizes and have fun doing it. Bring the kids, your friends or whoever with you as you check into participating businesses around Grand Junction and find the hidden tokens. Everything is right on the map.

Earn points while completing the activities and the more you complete, the closer you are to having the best Mother's Day ever.

Here's what you'll win when you hit the Mother's Day jackpot playing this our Mother's Day scavenger hunt:

  • $500 gift certificate - Thomas Hunn Jewelers
  • $75 gift certificate - Country Elegance Florist
  • $75 gift certificate - Images Salon
  • $50 gift certificate -  Frame Depot
  • $75 gift certificate - Downtown Grand Junction
  • $30 gift certificate - Children's Nature Center
  • $200 gift certificate - Next Level Regen
  • $100 gift certificate - Adrenaline Driven Adventures
  • $50 gift certificate - Colorado Legacy Coffee
  • $100 gift certificate - Rimrock Wellness
  • $60 necklace - Zach of Diamonds
  • $50 gift certificate - Back's Stay N Play
  • $100 gift certificate - The Buckle
  • $50 gift certificate - JC Penny
  • $10 gift certificate - Claire's Boutique

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