When I was a kid, I had copious amounts of Legos. At one point, I had an entire footlocker full of them and then one day I lost interest in them and they were gone. I miss those days of building houses, cars, and whatever else I could imagine up. I wish that I would have kept those little toy blocks. If you still have a passion to build with Legos, you can do it while having a drink. Because there is going to be a pop-up bar in Denver this summer geared around all things Lego.

The Brick Bar, as it is called, will feature a million colorful blocks, booze and a good time. According to 303 Magazine, the Brick Bar will be heading to the Mile High City June 7-9th. There hasn't been a set location named just yet either. If you are interested in the pop-up bar, you might want to get on the list for pre-sale tickets as the pop-up bar has been selling out in less than 24 hours. You can get more information about the Brick Bar and get signed up HERE.

Source: 303 Magazine

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