‘The LEGO Movie 2’ Producers Share Details on the Sequel
The LEGO Movie revealed itself as a meta-exploration into the mind of a child, and all the delightful adventures and characters found therein. For their next trick, co-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are going even further, doubling up on their storytelling style to tell the tale from two entir…
LEGO ‘Ghostbusters’ Images Take You Inside the Iconic HQ
Ghostbusters (and LEGO) fans, rejoice! After first announcing the official Ghostbusters firehouse set a couple of weeks ago, LEGO has revealed a whole bunch of photos from the pricey new set, proving that your $350 investment will be totally worth it. Not only do you get the firehouse and a collecti…
Ridiculously Lego Faces
A recent study has shown that the faces of Lego characters are expressing a wider array of emotions than they used to, you know, since they used to only be happy. Anger, confusion, deceptively neutral -- all are making appearances.
Exhibit Features MLB Parks Built From Legos
The Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory in Louisville, Ky. recently opened its 'Big Leagues, Little Bricks' exhibition. The installation features the work of several artists who have built LEGO replicas of Miller Park, Wrigley Field, Marlins Park, Yankee Stadium and PNC Park...

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