An LGBT, Out Boulder, rights group has taken offense to a online marketing campaign used to promote a very popular Memorial Day Race in Boulder Colorado. What are they up-in-arms about?

Out Boulder has taken offense to a word used in the Bolder Boulder race campaign that appears on stickers and t-shirts, the slogan used is "Sea Level is for Sissies Bolder Boulder."

They have even put together a petition at

A representative from Out Boulder claims the word 'sissies' is a hurtful word that has been used for years to harass young gay men.

Race director, Cliff Bosley, has used the slogan for seven years and has admitted he had a few complaints about the slogan. He says it is more commonly used to signify a 'badge of honor' rather than as an insult to ones sexuality or any other group or individuals and plans to keep the slogan.

What do you think, is 'sissies' a word that is meant to harm, humiliate, or demean people or groups? Or should the slogan be changed and an apology issued to the group and public in general?

Weigh in with your thoughts and opinions below.

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