A bad situation lead to one man ending up in police custody and another man losing his life. As KDVR is relaying the details about an incident that took place in Commerce City, Colorado, early Monday morning will a man being killed after burglarizing a food market.

It was approximately 4:50 a.m. when 911 dispatchers sent police officers to Haraf Foods Market which is located at 10700 Belle Creek Blvd. because they had a report of a burglary and shots fired.

Upon arrival, officers made contact with 20-year-old William Paul Schuette who lived in an apartment nearby who admitted to them that he was the shooter and fired at three suspects as they left the market after their alleged burglary.

The man who was killed was inside of a vehicle when he was shot, the other two suspects fled from the vehicle and got away.

Police did announce they have taken a juvenile male in for questioning regarding the incident but there have been no charges filed at this time.

The shooter William Schuette has been taken into custody on suspicion of murder.

This is obviously going to be a very heated debate on whether or not there should be charges filed against Schuette as many people here in Colorado will say that if the suspects weren't burglarizing small businesses they wouldn't have been shot. While others will disagree and say that the suspects were not inflicting any harm on anyone so no gun should have been used.

It's clear this case will be a hard-fought court battle.

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