Grand Junction is known for amazing talent and music. The City Of Grand Junction has been awarded $1.6 million dollars for a new music venue.

Las Colonias Park is going to be the recipient of a brand new music amphitheater. The new theater will be able to house up to 10,000 people, and be able to host amazing musical talent.

The amphitheater will have restrooms, along with changing rooms for the artist, and have amazing views for all who would be in attendance for shows.

Many different organizations contributed to the cost of the new theater, as the value to the city could definitely be seen. When will this amazing amphitheater be built? According to The City Of Grand Junction, the construction will begin sometime next fall.

The idea of bringing in bigger acts to the area, which brings people and funds to the city is exciting. Being able to sit and enjoy a concert without driving several hours to a venue is priceless! Way to go Grand Junction!


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