I've heard and seen lots of great things about the Mica Mine in Grand Junction so I decided to check it out. This is my first time hiking the Mica Mine in Bangs Canyon.

To my delight, the drive was a whopping 24 minutes from my place to the Mica Mine. The drive along Little Park Road was scenic, to say the least.

The Mica Mine trailhead leads you down to the gorgeous canyon and as soon I saw that view, I knew I made the right choice in going there. The sound of silence is so soothing. The size of the rocks around gave me some perspective and made me feel humbled.

There were numerous rocks that I wanted to take home with me, but there was one in particular. I'm positive that at least half of the quartz was still buried in the ground. So I had no choice but to leave it all by its lonesome.

All of that white you see is not snow. I was truly blown away by all of the mica and quartz around. Unfortunately, my phone died before I climbed to a mine for a better view. I'd highly recommend this sparkly Mica Mine hike (and to charge your phone before you go.) There's no doubt you'll be razzle-dazzled.

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