This weekend marks my youngest daughter's eighth birthday. Your child's birthday is one of the best events in their lives. I wanted to do it differently this birthday.

I decided to have my daughter make a wishlist it is her top eight birthday wishes to be exact.

My Daughters Birthday Wishlist
Brandon Thomas

Wish 1:  Rubik's Cube

Little does she know that we have already gotten one of these for her. She likes to think so I know she is going to love this. This proud daddy knows she is going to solve it really quick.

Wish 2: Jungle Gym

This one is going to be a little bit harder to get for you little one. Before we can get a jungle gym I have to make sure we have enough room. Maybe one day my darling daughter I can get this for you.

Wish 3: A Pony

I love you my darling daughter but we will not be getting a pony. Ponies need a lot of room and that we don't have. But I will take you to go see some ponies anytime you like.

Wish 4: Fidget Spinner

This is one of the most popular toys right now and I already have an idea for you little one. I am going to get you one that glows in the dark! That way you can play with it while you're laying down. Even daddy thinks these things are pretty cool.

Wish 5: Elsa Doll

I know this movie is by far your favorite. I also know my sweet that we were already thinking about getting you an Elsa doll. I don't know maybe you will like one that sings?

Wish 6: Tea Set

This is a cute one because we use to have tea parties when you were little. So this one we can do so that we can all have tea parties again. You always smile with things like that.

Wish 7: Princess Dress

My dear, we can get this for you no problem. I also think we can use this one as part of your Halloween costume. So yes sweetheart we will get you your princess dress.

Wish 8: A Cooking Set

I think this is one of those things you should probably ask for Santa. This is a bigger gift and I think that Santa will have a better chance to get this than we can. For you my little 8-year old I will build you one. You won't be able to cook on it but I know it will be the coolest thing you have ever seen!

This list was probably the coolest thing that I have written. My daughters are my everything and this had me grinning ear to ear. Have your kids make a wish list for their birthdays and feel free to share them! What will your kids come up with?

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