In proof that no one is immune to that most 21st century of fads, a mother was caught taking a selfie by her daughter in the ultimate "gotcha" moment.

Just look at how shocked the mom is when her daughter walks in on her.

You've gotta love this. Usually, it's a parent who catches a child in the act of doing something, so you can understand why the mother looks like she's the one who got her hand caught in the proverbial cookie jar.

But let's give this woman some love. For one brief moment, she wanted to be cool, to be silly. Parents are so busy keeping their kids remain on the straight and narrow that it's easy to forget they're people, too.

Now, taking a selfie by your bedroom dresser is one thing. Let's just hope this doesn't spread. We can't have responsible parents entering the domain of bottle flippers that is so clearly owned by teenagers.

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