The Rifle Police Department has given this kid a verbal warning for their not-so-legal parking job. Moms have chimed in on the illegal parking job and it's hilarious.

You can clearly see a sign that says 'no parking, tow away zone' right next to this kiddo's bike. Moms had some funny comments to add to the Rifle Police Department's Facebook post, just look.

Shelly left this comment on the Rifle Police Department's post:

You should probably start saving now for her first bail that she'll need.

Some moms commented that the kid is the cutest and she could literally talk her way out of anything.

Allan commented:

Crime is a slippery slope: nip it, nip it in the bud.

Another mom straight up claims the kid and their parking job and said:

Ummm...that's my child. I knew she was going to be the one to give me trouble! It's middle child syndrome at its finest. Always breaking rules going against the grain. Thanks for cutting her some slack! Although, if you showed at my front door with her "ticket" over she'd learn to pay attention to signs and follow rules.

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