The Grand Junction Spotlight is all about putting the spotlight on awesome people in our community here on the Western Slope. Grand Junction and its surrounding areas has a lot to offer when it comes to its people.

Our very first Spotlight is on Jim the Parrot Man. Jim has four parrots and loves walking around with them around Grand Junction. He has been taking his parrots out almost every single day for the last eight years, and doesn't plan on stopping.

Jim says people's reactions are phenomenal. He says most people are surprised when they see Jim walking with his parrots and they just light up. Others think they're fake and other people don't even see the parrots until they move.

I got Jim to come into the studio and he brought along his 'comedian,' Max the parrot. Max was very polite and enthusiastic and kept waving to me the whole time by lifting one foot and waving it.

Jim says Max is selective when it comes to affection. Max like his space. According to Jim, the only time he likes to be pet:

is usually early morning and late at night and then he's fine.

Jim said it was his idea to get a parrot. 15 years ago someone was giving a parrot away at his work, Jim took the parrot and the rest is history.

I really loved having Jim and Max in the studio. I can't say I've ever spend that much time with a parrot before. Max is a sweet, respectful and beautiful bird, who waved at me the whole time. I can see why Jim calls him the comedian because before he left Max played a prank on us.

As Jim and Max were leaving we took a few pictures in our station's lobby. As my coworker is walking closer to take a picture, Max puffs out his wings and lurches toward her. It scared her and then we all had a good laugh, Max included.

I can relate to Max because I enjoy my space, a good joke, and corn dogs and candy too. If you see Jim and his parrots around, make sure to stop and say hey. Maybe Max will play a joke on you or give you a wave.

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