Michael Marin of Montrose has robbed the Arby's in Delta, the Sonic in Clifton and the Jimmy John's in Grand Junction. This was all within two weeks and has a warrant out for his arrest. He's been deemed, the Fast Food Robber.

On Saturday (Oct. 4), Marin made his way all the way to the Parker area of Colorado and was knocking on doors incessantly around 10 pm.

A suspicious man knocking nonstop on your door when you're not expecting anyone is definitely not getting an answer from. The officers found out the man's car was stolen from Mesa County and saw a gun in the car.

After they saw him run into a breezeway in-between apartment units, the three officers exchanged gunfire and shot Marin.

No officers were injured but all three are on a standard administrative leave, according to Denver CBS. They gave him CPR, then the paramedics took him to the hospital where he passed away.

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