A man goes to great lengths to get his slushy by robbing a Sonic in Clifton. I've dubbed him, the Slushy Stealer.

The Slushy Stealer simply walked up to the Sonic in Clifton, right off of I-70B, and demanded his slushy and his money, like ASAP.

I'm not actually sure if he did demand a slushy, but in the pictures on the Mesa County Sheriff's Office Facebook it definitely looks like he wants one. See him pictured above, deeply gazing into a delicious Sonic slushy in the window.

Perhaps he was parched and decided he wanted an Ocean Water. Or contemplating the fact that he decided to rob a fast food restaurant and thinking about his life and whatnot.

In all seriousness, the man walked up to the window and demanded cash from Sonic on Sunday (Oct. 22) right before 11 pm. The Slushy Stealer left in his stolen money mobile. He left in a 4-door passenger car and he is described as:

  • Male, medium build, blue eyes with a navy hoodie and blue jeans.

If you've got any information about the Slushy Stealer or anything about this Sonic crime, contact the Mesa County Sheriff's Office at 970-242-6707.

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