A massive house explosion in Breckenridge has injured two people. The explosion was caused by a broken gas meter.

On Wednesday, April 3, two men were sleeping inside of a house on Royal Tiger Road in Breckenridge when their house exploded. A massive explosion around 1 a.m. caused the house to disappear into debris.

Whenever authorities arrived, Battalion chief Drew Hoen said it looked like a bonfire with no structure, just glass, stools, and debris.

All that is left of the house is debris that's been dropped all around the neighborhood and a huge black crater that's about 3 feet deep. Neighbors felt the ground shake and saw a huge flash of white light when the explosion happened.

Thankfully all neighbors and both of the two men who were inside are okay. They both suffered injuries like burns and broken bones, but both have since been released from the hospital.

This massive explosion in Breckenridge was caused by a broken gas meter. Ice/snow slid off of their roof breaking their gas meter. According to Summit Daily, the broken gas meter allowed gas to escape, the gas found its way into the home, found an ignition source and this is the aftermath.

Xcel Energy recommends to always keep the area around your gas meter clear.

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